Eddie Donaldson, a prominent figure in the Los Angeles graffiti community and founder of GuerillaOne was enlisted to commission a top-tier roster of world-renowned artists.


The Seventh Letter’s roots go back nearly 20 years, when the collective’s founder and leader, Eklips, a legendary writer in his own right, started the AWR (Art Work Rebels/Angels Will Rise) and MSK (Mad Society Kings) writing crews while bombing around the Motor Yard in Los Angeles. As Eklips’ fame grew, so did that of those wanting to align with his artists. Sensing an opportunity to take graffiti in a new direction, Eklips merged AWR and MSK under the Seventh Letter umbrella in 1999.


The street and studio artist Retna, born Marquis Lewis, was inspired to pursue art after seeing graffiti on the freeway, and his practice now includes street art and painting on canvas. Retna has become known for his long and geometric script, which he developed while looking towards Egyptian and Native American traditional symbols.


Kelly Graval, the multi-talented Fine Artist, Illustrator, and Graffiti artist with a career spanning 30 years, RISK has solidified his place in the history books as a world-renowned graffiti legend. From his days as a student at the USC School of Fine Arts to Gallery and museum showings around the world; RISK has transformed from a street artist to a rising star in the contemporary art world.


Frank Shepard Fairey (born February 15, 1970) is an American contemporary street artist, graphic artist, activist, illustrator and founder of OBEY Clothing who emerged from the skateboarding scene. He first became known for his “Andre The Giant Has a Posse” (…OBEY…) sticker campaign while attending the Rhode Island School of Design. 


Cre8 is a Multi-talented artist from South Los Angeles, California, he prides himself by remaining true to his career as a graffiti artist, muralist, illustrator, graphic designer and art instructor. Cre8 is heavily influenced by all elements of hip hop and is best known for his ability to produce original characters and great lettering on a variety of surfaces. As an established artist, Cre8 has exhibited his paintings in many prominent galleries and museum exhibitions through his production company Cre8’s Creations.


OG Slick is a notorious graffiti artist who has been around since the mid 80′s and whose artwork has been featured everywhere from the streets, to films, music videos, skateboards, t-shirts and showing now at the Los Angeles MOCA’s Art in the Streets Exhibit.


Walker has taken the graffiti world by storm, creating inventive pieces on his own and collaborating with Artist such as Annie Preece. He is equally at ease with large murals and small logo designs. He continues innovating and experimenting with his signature style, bringing his A-game to each piece.


Is a Los Angeles-based Street Artist of unverified identity known for his iconic image of a vintage typewriter with different sheets of inspirational text. Tattooing outdoor walls with thousands of works since 2013, WRDSMTH is prolific and can be found in cities throughout the world. 


Jim Evans, aka TAZ, comes from the San Francisco underground and is best known for hundreds of gig posters, rock ephemera and high profile album jackets for The Beastie Boys, Beck, Aerosmith and many others.


Was born in Tulare, California, After graduating from high school, he attended college in Santa Barbara, California. There he received a degree in graphic design. Soon after, he jumped into a career with the skateboarding industry. He has been working with art his entire life and was first published internationally at the age of 20.



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