6-4-Line Sour
(named after the subway lines and part of our name)

2.0 Pisco liqueur

1.0 lime juice

1.0 brown sugar simple syrup

Egg whites

All ingredients shaken then topped with bitters dots and drawn through


The Williamsburg Caipirinha
(williamsburg hipsters twist on a brazilian staple)

3 Lime wedges &

2.0 Brown Sugar (alot of sugar)



2.0 Cachaca liqueur

Build in glass-  Shake

then roll and serve

Drink should be brown and very sweet


Puerto Rican Punch
(pisco’s classic meets new york)

.5 brown sugar simple syrup

.5 lime juice

Pineapple or mango muddled

2.0 Pisco liqueur

Splash of soda

Build in glass- Roll


Tamarind & Smoke
(self explanatory)

Brown sugar, lime, chili rim

1.0 Smoked Mezcal

.75 Tamarind syrup

.5 Lime Juice

Top with Jarritos tamarind soda  


(owners signature)

2.0 Anejo

2 cubes sugar

Dash Bitters

Stirred & Poured over large ice cube

Blood Orange Wheel


Fat Cap Mule
(graffiti slang for a spray can, grab one and go!)

1.5 chose vodka, bourbon or mezcal

1.0 lime juice


Ginger beer


Lime wedge

2 Mint leaves as garnish when we have them


Top to Bottom Margarita
(a graffiti piece all the way up!)

Cucumber/jalapeño muddled can add berries too

1.5 Don Julio

 1.5 lime juice

.5 Agave

Shake and serve

Brown sugar and salt rim


Skinny Tip Spritzer
(different caps for different cats)

1.0 Pear Vodka

.5 St Germaine elderflower

2.0 champagne


Wild style Sangria
(complicated artist)   

3.5 Pinot Grigio

.5 Hennessy

.5 Midori

.5 lime juice

.5 brown sugar syrup

Orange wheel float

Pomegranate/berries seeds topper


Metro Card
(you’ll need one of these for the ride)

1.5 Bulleit Boubon

.5 lime juice

1.0 grapefruit